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Welcome to Viterna.at, your trusted online store for health products and nutritional supplements. With over 2000 different products from 60 renowned brands and a steadily growing customer base of over 20,000 individuals, we are proud to offer a wide range of products to support your body and boost your well-being.

Our extensive range spans from high-quality vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and fatty acids to dietary fibers and probiotics. We understand that health is more than just the absence of illness - it's a state of overall well-being. Therefore, we've specialized in more than just nutritional supplements. We also offer a wide variety of natural products, cosmetics, CBD, laboratory tests, esoteric articles, books, and colloids.

In addition to our range of Ayurveda products, we take pride in our broad selection of natural cosmetic items for body care. These products, based on the natural properties of plants and minerals, are perfect for those seeking gentle, chemical-free options for skincare.

Furthermore, we offer a series of herbal essences according to Paracelsus, which can be used as a complementary therapy to promote physical and mental balance. Protect yourself and your home from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and geopathic radiation with our specially designed products.

For those special moments in life, we offer lovingly curated gift sets, ideal for pampering your loved ones. Or explore our range of incense that can help to create a calming and harmonious atmosphere in your home.

At Viterna.at, our aim is to provide you with high-quality and natural vital substances to assist you in leading a healthy and balanced life. Whether you're looking for specific amino acids or wish to align your body and mind with Ayurvedic principles, we have the right thing for you.

Discover our diverse range now and take your health into your own hands. With Viterna.at, nothing stands in the way of your healthy and balanced life!


Welcome to the VITERNA lifestyle tips – your kickstart into a more vital future!

At Viterna.at everything revolves around your well-being. Not only do we give you first-class health products, we also provide you with tailored advice for an all-round healthy everyday life. Remember:

You are the architect of your life

If things don't go the way you want, be brave and change your perspective..

Eating tips

Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables; they are rich in vital substances and a natural health boost. Leave artificial colors on the shelf—they're not doing your body any favors. For extra healthy fats, go for flax or chia seeds, treat yourself to some coconut or rice bran and opt for responsibly wild-caught fish. Say “no” to trans fats and (partially) hydrogenated fats and limit animal fats. Incorporate fiber-rich and gluten-free grains, seeds and legumes into your diet, while leaving out white flour, white rice and highly processed grain products. Choose organic animal protein or replace it with high-quality vegan protein. Avoid mass-farmed meat and fish and anything smoked. And don't forget: Thorough chewing is the key to optimal digestion and the full utilization of the nutrients in your meals.

Exercise tips

Make sure that you exercise in the right amount: Excessive training, like consuming too many calories, can cause stress. 45 to 60 minutes of exercise four times a week is ideal. It's important that you work up a sweat - so plan time for warm-up and cool-down phases and focus on exercises that both strengthen your core muscles and get your cardiovascular system going. Integrate activity into everyday life: use the stairs instead of the elevator, carry your groceries yourself, have fun with the children, shake a leg and live out your joy in movement.

Drinking Tips = Water

Hydration is key - make sure you're constantly supplying your body with enough fluids. A practical rule of thumb for your daily water needs is to drink at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of your body weight. A well-hydrated organism signals the need to go to the toilet about every two hours.

Tips for sleep

A restful sleep is the foundation of your health; 7-8 hours per night are recommended. The highlight, however, is getting enough deep sleep: around two hours every night is ideal, because important repair and detoxification processes take place in this phase. Make sure you have a balanced intake of melatonin and trace elements to prevent sleep disorders. And remember: mental work requires physical balance and vice versa - so care for body and mind equally for maximum well-being.