Pure nature in every meal: My favorite mixture

Discover the pure magic of pleasure

Our special blend is completely free of sugar and artificial additives. Dive into the pure taste of nature with every serving and savor every bite without a worry.

A glimpse into my favorite mix

Pamper yourself with:

  • Bread mixes: Gluten-free organic bread, vegan pumpkin-protein bread (your perfect muscle food) and hemp-spelled bread.

  • Breakfast mixes/porridge: hemp-apple-cinnamon and raspberry-coconut.

  • Muesli: The crunchy food with Styrian ingredients.


Easy organic bread baking

Yes, you heard right! With my favorite mixture you can now bake organic bread with guaranteed success. NO PURCHASE OF INGREDIENTS and NO FOOD MACHINE. It can not get easier!

Organic bread: the foundation of healthy nutrition in modern times

In our fast-paced world, where convenience foods and fast food often take center stage, the importance of real, healthy eating is sometimes overlooked. Organic bread is a beacon of simplicity and nutrient density in this regard. It represents what nutrition should be in its purest form: genuine, nutritious and sustainable.

Nowadays, with more and more people suffering from food allergies and intolerances, it is crucial to know the origin and quality of our food. An organic bread gives us the security of consuming a product that is free from harmful additives, preservatives and unwanted chemicals.

Bake organic bread - healthy, delicious and easy!

Ever dreamed of making your own organic bread but was put off by the thought of long shopping lists and complicated recipes? Your dream can now come true with "My favorite mixture".

With this special mix you can prepare a delicious and nutritious organic bread in no time. Forget the hassle of shopping for ingredients and kneading for hours in a food processor. "My favorite mixture" gives you everything you need in one convenient pack.

The best part? Not only do you get a simple recipe, but you also get a bread that is free of artificial additives and preservatives. A bread that not only tastes good, but is also good for you.

It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner in the kitchen or have been baking for years - "My favorite mixture" makes baking organic bread child's play. Give yourself and your loved ones the best of nature and enjoy the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread in your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Bake your own organic bread today and let the taste convince you!

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Top rated
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Organic muesli & porridge: natural power packs for the perfect start to the day

Nowadays, when our everyday life is often hectic and challenging, breakfast is often underestimated as the most important meal of the day. Organic muesli and porridge offer an optimal solution to start the day full of energy and healthy.

Organic muesli impresses with its combination of whole grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruits, all of which come from organic farming. It avoids pesticides, artificial fertilizers and genetic modifications, so you can rely on the pure power of nature.

Porridge, traditionally a porridge, is increasingly being discovered as a superfood. With its long-lasting energy supply and high fiber content, it promotes a long-lasting feeling of satiety and supports healthy digestion.

What is special about these two breakfast options is their purity. The absence of additives, preservatives or artificial flavors means that every scoop contains the pure essence of nutrient-rich ingredients. Each serving provides vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that strengthen the body and invigorate the mind.

Regionality also plays a crucial role. By choosing regional products, we not only support local farmers and producers, but also reduce our ecological footprint. Fresh local ingredients also guarantee a more intense taste and a higher nutrient density.

Health begins on the plate, and by choosing organic muesli or porridge with regional and nutritious ingredients without additives, we invest in our well-being and in the environment. It is a simple but powerful statement: for ourselves, for our community and for our planet.

A step towards a greener world

With just 1 glass that you can refill again and again, you reduce your ecological footprint. Our products are HANDMADE with LOVE and are carefully filled by hand in Hartbergerland, more precisely in the Posch Mühle in Hartberg.


About Lisa: The creative mind behind "My Favorite Mixture"

Lisa, your qualified nutrition and fitness trainer with passion, created "My favorite mixture" from personal experiences and her love for healthy nutrition. She knows the struggles with skin problems, intolerances and the need for a balanced diet.

She has been self-employed since 2016 and in 2019 launched her unique product line "Mei dearest mixture". your mission? Showing others how good healthy eating can taste and how it can improve well-being.

The modern world demands a lot from us, not only in terms of everyday life, but also when it comes to our diet. In view of the almost endless selection, the constant innovations and the often contradictory recommendations, it is often difficult for us to keep track.

Lisa Laber has made it her mission to solve this problem. As an experienced nutrition expert, she brings the topic of nutrition closer in an accessible, simple and at the same time entertaining way. With their nutrition workshops under the motto "Eat better, not less!" she creates a platform where everyone can learn how to eat healthily without forbidding themselves or stopping enjoying the food.

"My favorite mixture" isn't just a product, it's a way of life. It stands for a diet that tastes good and is good for us. It is a symbol of the balance we all seek in our diet.

The newly published book "Of course it tastes natural" is further evidence of Lisa's commitment. It's more than just a cookbook, it's a guide to living consciously with a healthy diet at its core.

Lisa Laber is more than just a nutritionist - she is your personal guide to becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself. So come and start your journey with Lisa today!

Our promise:

We want you to feel good in your body, inside and out. With the right diet and exercise, you can move mountains! Start now and discover what my favorite blend can do for you.

Are you ready for a healthier and tastier journey? Try it!