One muscle in our body works every minute of our lives - the heart. It is the central pump of the circuit. This muscle (the heart muscle) drives the transport of blood through all blood vessels. Blood vessels and heart together form the cardiovascular system. Its most important tasks include supplying the entire body with oxygen and nutrients and removing metabolic waste products and carbon dioxide. The blood vessels are among the most important transport routes in the human body. In order for our cardiovascular system to function optimally, three factors must be present: a healthy heart muscle, elastic and clean blood vessels and thin blood. Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death in Austria. The relevant, mostly treatable, risk factors of these diseases are: obesity and excessive protein consumption, lack of exercise, stress, smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure. In order for the entire cardiovascular system to be able to achieve its enormous endurance performance, it is particularly dependent on an adequate and regular supply of micronutrients.