LOVE & GLOW by Claudia

Unique Aura Sprays and Spiritual Gifts by Claudia.

LOVE & GLOW by Claudia is a brand dedicated to creating unique, radiant products to enhance well-being and spiritual growth. Our range includes a variety of lovingly handcrafted items, such as aura sprays, flower-gemstone candles, and gemstone essences, all made from 100% pure essential oils from certified organic farming.

Every product from LOVE & GLOW is personally created and energized by Claudia with great love and enthusiasm. These products are more than just simple gift items; they are tools for energy work, designed to fill your life with positivity and light. The aura sprays from LOVE & GLOW are ideal for energetic support in various aspects of life and offer an easy way to integrate energy work into everyday life.

The brand stands for quality, sustainability, and the deep belief that every person can make their own light shine. With LOVE & GLOW by Claudia, you receive not just a product, but a piece of positive energy that helps bring harmony and well-being into your life. Discover the power of nature and energy work with LOVE & GLOW by Claudia - for yourself or as a radiant gift for your loved ones.