Welcome to our home lab testing category - your trusted partner for easy and reliable health monitoring. At Viterna we offer a variety of laboratory tests that can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Our range includes urine tests, blood tests, water quality tests and stool tests. These tests allow you to monitor key health indicators and gain a better understanding of your body.

Our laboratory tests are carried out in cooperation with a partner laboratory that meets the highest quality standards. You can rely on the fact that the analysis is constantly qualified and innovative and that you are offered a high-quality service.

Conducting the tests is easy and convenient. You will be provided with all the materials and instructions you need to do the sampling correctly. Then simply send the samples back to the partner laboratory and you will receive your results in an easy-to-understand report within a short period of time.

Monitor your health at home with our laboratory tests and gain valuable insights for your well-being. At Viterna, quality and customer satisfaction are paramount to provide you with the best possible experience.