Only the best for your joints

The arthrobe product range was developed with naturally occurring ingredients by specialists with very high quality standards. These supplements are specifically designed for individuals who want to support their connective tissue as well as bones and cartilage. The focus should be on the functional capacity as well as the protection of the musculoskeletal system.

Arthrobene is very suitable for young people in growth, performance and hobby athletes as well as for older people who want to maintain their mobility.

Why arthrobe joint capsules?

Arthrobic joint capsules are the ideal dietary supplement for the protection of cartilage, bones and connective tissue, as well as to support the gliding ability of the joints. Arthrolage plus contains build-growers such as vitamin C, vitamin D and manganese-substances found in cartilage and bones, as well as galactolipids from the rosehip and coral lime.

Arthrobene Plus joint capsules were designed by orthopaedics specialists. The combination of ingredients was specially adapted to the needs of users.