What does Optiolex stand for? It is composed of the Latin words Optio that free will and Lex means the law. Free will is law - Optiolex -, that is the belief with which Alexander Eigl shapes his life, because free will is still man's greatest good. The Optiolex series starts with the number eight (8). There are at least seven circumstances for each person, or rather factors that affect the holistic effects of dietary supplements. Sleep, water, exercise, diet, relaxation, environment and emotions not only have a huge impact on our lives, but also on the reaction of additional supplements. The Optiolex products are tailored to these seven factors and are intended to optimize them with their effect. The composition, purity and quality of the products are convincing and should support us in meeting the high standard of performance that we strive for together with our bodies every day. Life in today's society offers us numerous opportunities, but it also challenges us - and every action we take needs energy. Optiolex nutrients help the body to be in the best shape every day. All Optiolex products are produced from natural raw materials, GMO-free and without dyes or preservatives. The best control and utilization of these raw materials are provided by a German manufacturer and its competent employees.