Viterna: Where Vitality, Nutrition, and Nature Meet for Your Wellbeing

About Us - Viterna, Your Online Shop for Natural Health and Well-being

It was May 2012 when our founder, Andreas Schwarz, turned his extensive experience and knowledge of vital substances into a unique vision: the creation of Viterna. The name "Viterna" is composed of the key words that reflect our identity and our approach: VIT for vitality, ER for nutrition, and NA for nature, naturalness, and nutritional supplements.

Andreas' mission was to create an online shop that offers people not just products, but also a holistic view of their health. Over time, Viterna has grown into a trusted place where more than 20,000 customers find high-quality products from over 60 brands.

Our range includes more than 2,000 different products, from dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, essences, and incense to protection against radiation/Esmog and natural cosmetics. We also have a variety of books, foods, esoteric articles, CBD products, colloids, home laboratory tests, Ayurveda products, oils, and much more.

But Viterna is more than just an online shop. It is a community committed to improving and preserving health. At Viterna, you, the customer, are at the center. Our goal is to support you at every step of your journey to better health and well-being. Therefore, Andreas still offers personal consultations to ensure that every product you choose is perfectly tailored to your needs.

The story of Viterna is a story of passion, commitment, and the deep conviction that a healthy life is a happy life. We are proud to be part of your journey to better health and well-being and invite you to discover the many possibilities that Viterna offers you. Welcome to our community!