My favorite mix

Who is behind my favorite mix "Mei liabste Mischung"?

Lisa, your qualified nutrition and fitness trainer with passion.

With my products I would like to show how you can conjure up your breakfast or bread quickly, easily and healthily - without any stress. Food doesn't need sugar or additives to taste good. Of course it tastes natural!

My favorite mixture provides you with valuable minerals, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. So you are provided with everything your body needs and you are full and satisfied. Of course, crunch organically and enjoy!

Due to my long-standing intolerances, skin and intestinal problems, healthy and balanced nutrition and sport became very important to me.
I love to cook and combine different foods. The change and the importance of doing good for the body also brought the hoped-for success.

For me, dishes should simply be stress-free, natural and absolutely filling. It is important to me to have enough energy for work and for my sport and that in a natural form.

Pure nature - dishes are great without additives and sugar and that's exactly what I offer you with my favorite mixture.

My GOAL for you

My goal is to continue to spoil you with extraordinary, naturally different flavors, to provide your body with the important building blocks and to rely on the right organic ingredients.