History and tradition
We have always appreciated and loved natural, fragrant substances in all cultures. Long before there were essential oils and plant extracts, rooms, clothes and also people themselves were "perfumed" by smoking (by fumum - "through the smoke"...). The cultural heritage of every people includes food, songs, stories, religion and customs, as well as individual incense traditions.

Smoking today
Unfortunately, the original meaning of smoking has been forgotten or simply lost in many places. That is why smoking should not become an incomprehensible spectacle of phenomena these days. Even if the reasons for smoking are quite different than before, the ceremonial character has remained with smoking. When smoking today, objects and actions serve just as much as the attunement or setting of the smoking person in order to achieve goals. Just as an athlete prepares mentally, emotionally and physically for his physical performance, the smoker also prepares for an energetic performance. For example, to get more easily - from stress to relaxation - from drivelessness to joie de vivre - from distraction to clarity and collection.

Manufacture of incense for your 7th sense
All incense from INDIGO ENTERPRISES is produced in Vienna, since 1991, according to some traditional and mostly own recipes, by us personally HANDMADE. We pay close attention to the astrological and natural processes of time and element vibrations, as well as to the high quality of the raw materials used.

It is up to us to demystify the world of smoking and to rediscover incense as a natural source of energy for us.