Be in nature without being in nature. A combination of nature and technology.

Why odem?

odem is a high-tech company from Austria with only one goal: to help people. Their innovative products are 100% detectable in their effect.

Developed and manufactured in Austria.

For the development we use a carrier wave, which is also known under the name Schumann frequency. This geomagnetic field sends out signals that tell (indicate) to the cells what they have to do. It is a static geomagnetic field and requires no external energy for the function. Our functional shaft is programmed for this carrier shaft. We program this frequency system on a carrier material using computer technology and protect this carrier material with black anodized aluminum. The odem product thus builds up a field - a sphere.

Our goal

It makes no sense to defend yourself against technologies such as mobile telephony or surfing the Internet. Rather, it is important to find ways to use the technology as far as possible - without health risk - for yourself. Accordingly, a way had to be found to neutralize the electrosmog for the human body. This eventually led to the development of our Technology.