Robert Franz

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The online shop is the official partner of Robert Franz Naturversand Germany and offers you OPC grape seed extract or a variety of vital and nutrients for the benefit of your health. This includes a wide range of products from Robert Franz's product range. Born in 1960 in Temeschburg, Romania, Franz grew up in the middle of a pristine natural landscape and discovered very early the plant gifts of his surroundings. His interest has always been in the healing power of plants and herbs. His personal experiences and the fascination of the mode of action as well as the application of plant elements quickly earned him the reputation of a naturopath. This vocation, which results from inner conviction, became the life goal of the expert, who has now shared his knowledge and professional competence in the sense of the common good for about 25 years and has turned his passion into a profession. Against the resistance of modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, Robert Franz defends the healing powers and positive effects of natural substances. He advocates a global rethink and a return to a harmonious life in harmony with nature. Only with this step can physical and mental disharmonies be eliminated for the benefit of all. Franz is the author of numerous books, including "OPC-Foundation of Health," in which he has collected all the important natural remedies from different continents, cultures and ages. Here Franz explains the highly effective group of "oligomeric proanthocyadins" (OPC) and the associated benefits for human health. With the distribution of the products on offer, Viterna supports this basic idea and gives you, the customer, with the choice and ordering option in our online shop a means to recharge your nutrient storage and ways to promote natural health To find. The healing power of nature as the foundation of human health in an individual sense of responsibility and decision-making process are components of Robert Franz's product line.