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Sanuslife ECAIA Carafe replacement cartridge

Item number: AR1826

Special bio-ceramics take over the mineral ionization without electricity. Pollutants are filtered up to 99 percent.

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Sanuslife ECAIA-Water Replacement Filter

The all-in-one solution: ECAIA water filter (= cartridge)

As with ECAIA Ionizer, ECAIA Carafe filter Technology by SANUSLIFE International is also used. The filter and ionization process takes place in the ECAIA cartridge. Special bio-ceramics take over the mineral ionization without electricity.
  • Pollutants are filtered up to 99 percent
  • Prevents the regeneration of micro-organisms
  • Important minerals are retained in the water
  • Absorbs odors, paints and chlorine
  • Theph value is increased to ph 9.5
  • Redoxs up to-300mV

The cleaning
As in ECAIA Filter No. 1 and No. 2 of the ECAIA Ionizer is also included in the ECAIA cartridge of the ECAIA carafe active carbon granules. It removes up to 99% of the most frequently occurring pollutants in drinking water. These include typical and frequently occurring heavy metals such as aluminium, arsenic, lead, copper, uranium, boron, cadmium, chromium, manganese, mercury, nickel, selenium, vanadium, etc. But also subtle pollutants such as herbicides, pesticides, VOC's, PCB's, hormones, medication residues, etc. chlorine is also very well filtered by the ECAIA cartridge. The result is tasty, clean, alkaline ECAIA water.

Mineral ionization
Special bioceramics, fired from minerals and metals, react in contact with water and permit mineral ionization. In this chemical process, the water receives the same properties, which it also receives during processing by electronic water ionized. It is clean, alkaline, oxygen-rich, antioxidant (electron-rich) and finely clustered.

The knowledge of water treatment with burned minerals and metals goes back a long way. Ceramics were burned, especially in China, Japan and Korea, about 2000 to 3000 years ago. Later, functional ceramics were developed that can change the ph and ORP value of the water. SANUSLIFE International has taken up this old knowledge. Numerous tests have been carried out to identify weak points of earlier filter media and to adapt them to the properties of today's water. Almost everything was revised. From materials to burn time to formulation. The result is amazing. ECAIA cartridge is able to ionize even calcareous water that can occur anywhere in the world. Depending on the output water, values of up to ph 9.5 and redox (ORP value) can be reached from over-300 MV

Package Content
1x Replacement Filter/Cartridge

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Remove the blue seal on the underside of the filter before replacing.

Water is often bought in a practical disposable plastic bottle. This comfort, however, leaves traces in the environment. Because water from the plastic bottle causes piles of plastic. Around 89 billion litres of water are bottled annually in plastic bottles worldwide. 80 percent of these bottles are not recycled. In addition, the production of a plastic bottle consumes extremely much energy and clean water. From an ecological point of view, the production of disposable plastic bottles for drinking water is absolutely unreasonable. With ECAIA Carafe you produce quality water and contribute to the environment. Because the carafe works with a single, large filter cartridge. The filter change only occurs every 2 months. This protects the environment. and the wallet!

Choose between

Option I) 6 cartridges per year (5 litres per day) convenient and online from home order or

Option II) 365 x 5 litres = 1825 litres of bottles from the supermarket and at the same time pollute the environment; Through plastic waste, but also through the production and transport of the bottles.

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