About 10,000 cellular enzymes live in every cell, which we can regard as employees of our body. Among other things, it is their job to convert all our daily food and drink and the air we breathe into energy and other endogenous material. Biology calls these processes “metabolism”. However, in order to be able to work biologically, our cell enzymes need tools. These biological tools are vitamins, minerals and trace elements and must be supplied regularly. However, in order for these micronutrients to be able to reach their target and effective site smoothly, the connective tissue must be clean and permeable. A balanced acid/alkaline balance in our body is therefore the elementary basis for health and well-being and essentially determines how well our body cells can communicate with each other and how well the cellular exchange of nutrients works. However, an unbalanced diet, constant stress, lack of sleep, substances that are harmful to the body (e.g. emissions, nicotine, alcohol) or certain medications can put a strain on this balance through excess acidity in the connective tissue. Acid stress in the organism can restrict many metabolic processes in the body. In addition to eliminating the stressful factors, a diet rich in bases and the targeted intake of alkaline nutrients are the most effective measures to bring the acid/nasal balance back into balance.