Connective tissue-fascia

Fascia = connective tissue. The fascial network has neither beginning nor end and permeates our whole body of thin skin to several millimeters strongly by it connects muscles, tendons, bones, vessels and nerves to a related organism. The connective tissue consists of 65% water and 35% of connective tissue cells, carbohydrates and protein (collagen, elastin). Fascia is known in professional circles even as 6th sense organ. Fascia are alive, can contract and respond to neurotransmitters. They have enormous influence on muscles, attitude, feeling of pain and are trainable. Each person carries around 18-23 kg connective tissue with it. Acidification, stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise the fascia is not good and is it locally to bonding (if protein can not be removed), as this affects the entire body.

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