Our skin is exposed to increased stress due to stress, harmful environmental influences and frequent consumption of stimulants. The condition of the body surface reflects the general condition exactly. With an area of 1.6 to 2 m², the skin is the largest organ in our body. It surrounds the entire organism and thus represents a protective layer of the body against damaging external influences such as harmful bacteria, viruses and chemicals. The skin also protects the body against mechanical influences such as pressure due to its elasticity and the fat deposits under the skin and is significantly involved in the regulation of body temperature. The skin cells in our body are regenerated every two to three weeks. If these skin cells are to be resilient, resistant and elastic, our body needs a correspondingly high-quality "building material". However, our organism cannot form this biological material itself, but must be constantly supplied from the outside. Hair, like nails, consists essentially of the protein keratin. Your health, beauty and fullness are therefore particularly dependent on a balanced supply of amino acids and nutrients.