Massage Oils

Welcome to our "Massage Oils" category at Viterna. Massage oils are an essential part of any relaxing and healing massage, as they not only improve lubricity, but also nourish and condition the skin. In our offer you will find a variety of massage oils, from aromatic and bath oils to special skin care and relaxation oils. Many of our massage oils are slightly warmed up in a water bath before use to ensure optimal absorption by the skin and to develop their full effect. Some of our oils can even be ingested to work from within. Discover our selection of sensual massage oils, nourishing St. John's wort oils, refreshing mountain pine oils and many others that will make your massage experience something very special. Whether you are looking for an oil for relaxation, skin care or to improve your general well-being - you are sure to find the right product at Viterna. Immerse yourself in the world of natural oils and let yourself be won over by their diversity and effectiveness.