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VitalAstin 4 mg Astaxanthin (60 caps)

Item number: AR1625

With 4mg of natural Astaxanthin per softgel capsule. From the algae haematococcus pluvialis. With vitamin E.

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With 4mg of natural Astaxanthin from the algae haematococcus pluvialis and vitamin E.

Vital Astin is "Your bodyguard"
Cell protection is the key to anti-aging! For this purpose, VitalAstin is an expert. Because it protects our cells from damage caused by the evil free radicals, thus helping to reduce oxidative stress in the cells! Because antioxidants are particularly strong in their natural form!

Astaxanthin is like fuel marathon runners, swimmers and triathletes swear on this natural substance, since he has completely convinced them in practice. Athletes and athletes report on improvements in both stamina and strength as well as regeneration. Surprising? Hardly, if one sees the great role model in nature: Wild Salmon, whose musculature is rich in Astaxanthin, swim up to a week long roaring rivers upward. According to scientists, the high concentration of Astaxanthin the salmon to this spectacular swimming performance.

Astaxanthin is stress protection
This is best observed at the microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis, which forms the natural Astaxanthin. Also for algae there are stress situations, e.g. dryness, heat, cold. This algae responds with an increased formation of Astaxanthin, which makes the algae completely red. This shield allows the algae to be put into deep sleep without food and water for a period of more than 40 years and to endure summer heat or icy winter cold.

Sun protection with VitalAstin
Astaxanthin is closely related to beta-carotene, so it belongs to the carotenoids. therefore also the intense color and the similar properties. Many people are using Astaxanthin forfaster brown and report a better sun compatibility. It is worthwhile to take Astaxanthin also before you go to the sunbed or go on holiday. The tan becomes more intense and lasts longer which is not only more pleasant, but also saves money. And last but not least, they feel more comfortable.

VitalAstin Gets the beauty of sun rays plus a lack of antioxidants can not only lead to sunburn, but also to faster ageing of the connective tissue (collagen), less elasticity of the skin and faulty cell division. Too little protection means practical: more wrinkles, stains and faster loss of outer beauty. Therefore, Dr. Perricone in his bestsellers on anti-aging also boasts the Astaxanthin.

This diverse potential can make Astaxanthin your new bodyguard.

Astaxanthin is available in synthetic and natural form from algae and from a yeast. The natural Astaxanthin from the algae differs in several properties from the other forms which is also very clearly reflected in the efficacy. Natural Astaxanthin is not an isolated substance but an algae extract that also contains beta-carotene, lutein and canthaxanthin as effective adjuvants. These adjuvants act synergistically with Astaxanthin thus amplifying its effect and making Astaxanthin so valuable for health.

Recommendation for use
Consume 1x 1 capsule daily beforea meal with sufficientwater. Preferably in the morning or lunch.

60softgel capsules.

Active Ingredients / daily dose (=1 capsule)
4mg astaxanthin, 14.9 mg natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol, 124% RDA*).

*RDA (recommended daily allowance) = recommended daily intake amount. The values of the active ingredients are based on average analysis.

Free from: Pesticides, allergens, algae toxins, preservatives, dyes and stearate.
The product has not been irradiated and does not contain genetically modified micro-organisms (GMO/GMO).

Olive oil extra, algae extract containing4mg of astaxanthin, D-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

Some people experience a clearly activating effect after taking Astaxanthin (more awake, more energetic). These people should gradually increase Astaxanthin from one capsule to higher dosages and preferably not take it in the afternoon or in the evening.
Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet and the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Store dry and not above room temperature and out of the reach of children.

Application form: Capsules
Product properties: Preservative-free Flavoring-free Dye-free
Contents: 26,00 g

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