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Astaxanthin 4mg candies (90 pieces)

Item number: AR2188

With 4mg astaxanthin per candy from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis. With vitamin B12 and green tea.

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Astaxanthin 4mg candies

Dietary supplements with B12 and 4mg astaxanthin.

The new and unique lollipop candy with 4 mg natural astaxanthin.

What makes this new astaxanthin product?

  • unique and absolutely NEW!
  • the fast way to astaxanthin
  • Astaxanthin with flavor (only natural flavors such as citrus) and the extra coolness
  • No change in dosage
  • the same amount of astaxanthin as in capsules (4 mg)
  • supplemented by extract of green tea
  • supplemented by 2 mcg vitamin B12
  • a very good bioavailability
  • the lecithin ensures a good reception
  • based on erythritol (see below for more information)
  • sugar-free (sucrose), lactose-free, vegan


So why are there astaxanthin candies?
Some things just happen. One contact, an idea to get a project off the road is enough. That is what has happened here. We really wanted to test the good experiences with this type of candy with astaxanthin ... and it was worth it. Not only did we manage to put the amount of 4 mg of astaxanthin - the same amount as in the capsules - in a candy. We were also able to achieve a quite attractive taste and supplement the candy with two other valuable ingredients, green tea and vitamin B12. You no longer need a drink to eat astaxanthin and can now give astaxanthin to your partners and parents who don't want to (or can) swallow capsules or are very skeptical of anything that comes as a capsule.

Does this type of product make sense?
With our new astaxanthin candy, you can not only supply yourself with natural astaxanthin, but also with vitamin B12 - an important protective factor for our neurons - and a small amount of green tea. The first experiences show that it is very well received and that nothing is lost from the benefits of astaxanthin in capsules. It even seems to be the opposite ...

If you don't know Astaxanthin yet, we've detailed the strengths and benefits for you in this product description.

Green tea
The green tea extract in the candies also gives you the valuable parts of the green tea.

What is erythritol?
Even if you might think erythritol would be a brand new, possibly even artificial sugar. That is not the case. Erythritol is a natural substance found in foods (fruit, nuts, wine, cheese, mushrooms) and is produced to a small extent in human metabolism from glucose. Erythritol is one of sugar alcohols and sugar substitutes. It has 50 to 70% of the sweetening power of household sugar (sucrose). Erythritol has almost no calories (0.2 kcal or 0.8 kJ / g) and does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels (glycemic index GI = 0; for comparison: the GI of glucose is 100, that of household sugar is about 70 and that of xylitol 7). Also, it is neither caries-promoting nor does it serve fungi in the intestine as food. Therefore, erythritol contributes to the preservation of the mineralization of the teeth by reducing demineralization (compared to sugar). Due to its properties, it is suitable for diabetics and people with fructose intolerance.
Like similar sugar substitutes (sorbitol, maltite, lacbite, isomalt), erythritol has a laxative effect, but this only begins with erythritol at significantly higher amounts compared to the other sugar substitutes. Many studies show the safety of the sweetener erythritol. Side effects affecting metabolism have not been detected. Erythritol itself is not metabolized and therefore almost completely excreted by the kidneys.

By the way: Erythritol behaves like ordinary sugar when cooking and baking and can therefore also be used for these purposes.

Recommended intake
Consume 1 candy per day. Must not be exceeded.

Note: Erythritol can lead to thin stool, bloating or diarrhea in higher amounts. The quantity above which this effect occurs is to be specified individually and therefore not in grams.

Package contents
90 tea candies = 90 daily rations

Active Ingredients per daily dose (=1 candy)
1.5 mcg vitamin B12 (50% NRV*), 4mg astaxanthin from the algae.

* Nutrient reference values according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.

Sweetener erythritol, extracts of green tea, natural astaxanthin, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), natural flavors, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). One candy contains 2 mcg of vitamin B12 (50% NRV*).

Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. product out of reach of children. This product information is not intended to treat or cure diseases, nor may it be inferred that the products mentioned are offered for the purpose of treating or curing diseases.

Application form: Lozenges
Product properties: Sugar-free Gluten-free Lactose-free Vegan
Contents: 90,00 g

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