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Panaceo Care Zeolite Tootpaste (75ml)

Item number: AR2568

Certified natural cosmetic product made from 100% pure PMA-activated natural mineral zeolite clinoptilolite with naturally refreshing mint aroma.

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Panaceo Care Zeolite Toothpaste

Natural dental care with organic mint oil and aloe vera.

Cares: The selected combination of natural ingredients nourishes teeth and gums.
Protects: With regular use, teeth and gums are protected and the formation of tooth decay is prevented.
Refreshes: The PANACEO zeolite toothpaste refreshes the entire oral cavity and ensures fresh breath.

In order for the teeth to appear radiantly white and healthy for a long time, two things should always be considered: On one hand, the prevention of caries and plaque is essential. On the other hand, the gums must be continuously strengthened and cared for. Regular oral hygiene and the PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste can help to fulfil these conditions.

In the current market, toothpastes with natural ingredients completely without microplastics are in high demand. PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste meets the afore mentioned requirements 100 percent. Due to the ingredients it contains, PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste protects your teeth and gums from caries and inflammation of all kinds. In addition, there is a so-called organic mint oil, which ensures fresh breath and a clean mouth feeling. Aloe Vera from organic cultivation also cares for your gums and makes them much more durable. PMA zeolite gently and smoothly removes existing plaque. This also helps the oral mucosa to stay in balance or to keep it in balance.

The PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste offered here is completely vegan, as it contains no synthetic ingredients or fluoride. This is guaranteed by the NATRUE seal of quality, which stands for the adherence to and compliance with the highest quality standards.

Treat your teeth and gums to something very special by choosing PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste.

Healthy and white teeth are essential for a self-confident and at the same time carefree smile. PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste helps you to keep that smile. To achieve this, impurities and dirt on the teeth and in the spaces between the teeth must be removed regularly. In addition, dental floss should be used to remove all bacteria from the mouth. PANACEO Zeolith-Zahncreme contains a selected combination of different active ingredients that enable a clean mouth feeling and gentle cleansing. Anyone who regularly cares for their teeth with this toothpaste is declaring war on dangerous caries. Strict and regular dental care should never be neglected. Otherwise the bacteria in the oral cavity multiply many times over within a very short time. Caries can develop in various places and under certain circumstances it can even lead to inflammation of the gums. The PANACEO Zeolith-Zahnpasta prevents these dangers perfectly. When cleaning your teeth, you should therefore proceed with great care and with sufficient time so that no area is left out. Even those who care for their teeth meticulously and regularly should go to the dentist at least twice a year. During such a check-up, problem areas can be identified and treated accordingly.

The proven PANACEO quality protects your teeth and gums from bacteria, so that your white smile is preserved.

PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste: Gentle, thorough and 100 percent vegan!

All ingredients are of high quality and natural origin:

  • The production process is environmentally friendly and supports the preservation of premium raw materials
  • No silicone oils or derivatives
  • No animal testing whatsoever has been or will be used in the production
  • Ingredients from petrochemicals are avoided
  • No synthetic fragrances or dyes contained

PANACEO Zeolith-Zahncreme has been given an official seal of quality so that all important product standards are met and maintained.

To support daily oral and dental care. Put a small amount on a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth without pressure.

Packaging contents
75ml tube


PANACEO Zeolite Toothpaste - High-quality ingredients from premium quality

  • PMA zeolite

The patented PMA technology effectively increases and improves the effectiveness of the natural mineral zeolite. This results in PMA zeolite, which is the starting point for all PANACEO products. This PMA zeolite is unique in this form and is a certified premium product. This product supports the regeneration of the skin or mucous membrane. In addition, there is a light abrasive, which ensures that all dental plaque is gently removed.

  • Organic mint oil

The organic mint oil contained in PANACEO is obtained from arable mint and of course comes from organic farming. It has an antiseptic and antimicrobial effect, so that it ideally prevents an inflammation-prone oral mucosa. In the case of already existing inflammations, the organic mint oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, so that a timely improvement can be expected.

  • Aloe Vera

The aloe vera contained in panaceo natural toothpaste comes from the natural aloe vera plant. Aloe vera money often occurs in cosmetics. Inflammation or sunburn can be ideally combated with this active ingredient, because aloe vera money has an anti-inflammatory and cooling effect.

Store in a dry place and not above room temperature and out of reach of children.

Application form: Cream
Product properties: Vegan
Contents: 75,00 ml

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