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What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin | A super antioxidant

Most carotenoids are responsible for coloring many fruits, vegetables and animals. The carotenoids are divided into two groups: Xanthophylle and carotine. Carotins include beta-carotene (carrots) and lycopene (tomatoes). Like the red-violet-colored active ingredient, the lutein and Zeaxanthin (spinach) belong to the xanthophylls.

The active ingredient is found in plankton or algae and to a limited extent also in bacteria and fungi. Eat sea creatures or flamingos in rough amounts of algae, then they enrich the super antioxidant and turn pink. At least this is the case with trout, salmon, crabs, shrimps, lobsters and the aforementioned bird species Flamingo. Scientists suggest that the red dye is concentrated in the animals ' muscles and just this active ingredient is grading the same to true endurance champions in wildlife.

In the test tube it could be shown that this carotenoid can intercept the so-called free radicals, like all other antioxidants. These responsive chemical compounds are responsible for cell damage. Especially in metabolic processes, such cell-damaging free radicals are produced. This, of course, is delighted for all astaxignorer fans immensely. The damage caused by free radicals is known by the experts as oxidative stress. Accordingly, all substances that have the ability to lock free radicals are called antioxidants.

The active ingredient is stored in the cells of the body in the cell power plants (mitochondria) and the double side layer (membranes). It also overcomes the blood-brain barrier. The cells are protected by the super antioxidant from the inside, because the active ingredient has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. The red dye thus prevents lipid oxidation as well as the formation of reactive and toxic substances that can damage DNA and cell components.

Astaxanthin capsules - Salmon

Is there any scientific evidence for efficacy of astaxanthin?

Until now, the effects of this carotenoid as a dietary supplement have not been sufficiently investigated and have therefore not been substantiated. With regard to the immune system, there is a clinical study showing that the carotenoid has an immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially in the elderly, the active ingredient could be interpreted as neuroprotective, especially since the super antioxidant could improve selective attention, information processing and other memory performance aspects.

The active ingredient stimulates the production of adiponectin, the anti-inflammatory messenger, and positively affects cholesterol and triglyceride levels in humans. Thus, the antioxidant has an effect on the sugar and lipid levels. According to research, anti-tumoral, organ protective and antihypertensive properties have been detected in the super-antioxidant. The red substance is also used in osteoarthritis and arthritis, in the hope of promoting cartilage health.

The super antioxidant is also said to make beautiful, increase fertility in men, prevent cancer and diabetes and fight against Alzheimer's. There is enough meaningful research regarding the miracle agent. The carotenoid is also said to help detoxify the body. In the liver, the active ingredient motivates the production of very specific enzymes that can protect the detoxifying organ from cancer.

For many athletes, the super antioxidant is important. Physical exertion creates free radicals. The more strenuous the sport is, the greater the amount of these free radicals. If only some or no antioxidants are present in the body, then the risk of muscle soreness, tissue damage, premature fatigue and injuries can increase. However, if the strongest antioxidant is in the muscles, then the athlete can perform gigantic performances as oxidation can be prevented.

Allegedly, the red active ingredient in the muscles is also able to lower the lactate level. The lactic acid is produced by physical stress, which makes the muscles tired faster and the lactate also causes a burning sensation. The lactate level should remain as low as possible for achieving athletic success. The carotenoid is said to help ease inflammatory processes in athletes who are constantly facing excessive stress. The super antioxidant should also be able to be used successfully for stomach discomfort or for appropriate inflammation in the gastric mucosa as well as for infections.

How should the red active ingredient "astaxanthin" be taken?

The timing of ingestion is not relevant. The super antioxidant is equally well received every hour of the day. This is a fat-soluble antioxidant, so intake should always be done at fatty meals or, if taken in powder form, with a little oil.

Certain products containing the active ingredient can be consumed easily and conveniently using oil capsules. Athletes should not necessarily take the antioxidant around the training session, because important adaptive processes can be disturbed in the muscles, by the exogenous intake. As a result, long-term progression and muscle building can be negatively impaired.

There are no reference values for ingestion, the recommendations regarding the dosage range from four milligrams to twelve milligrams. When taking it regularly, it is important to consult a doctor of trust in advance. In this way, the antioxidant can also be easily taken permanently. Side effects or negative long-term effects are not yet known.
Experience with the reddish-violet-colored active ingredient for athletes or for "Otto normal consumers"

The effective antioxidant is preferred by high-performance athletes and by people with movement in the form of dietary supplements. It makes the active significantly more powerful. According to experience, many people who like to do their sport activities a lot and persistently have their true joy with the super antioxidant. Thus, the regeneration of the stressed tendons and muscles is much better, in addition, the immediate energy supply continues during the athletic load and has its effect even after the sweat-inducing performance.

The activated metabolism during a sporty intense activity always causes oxidative stress in the body. Inflammatory reactions are triggered by free radicals and therefore tire and pain the muscles after exercise. The super antioxidant counteracts these inflammatory reactions of free radicals by allowing the active ingredient to intercept them. That's why nature-friendly athletes are very happy to use this active ingredient for their incredible endurance performance (Ironman).

Unsportsmanlike people also benefit from the natural active ingredient, because it not only strengthens the immune system, but also protects the cells. This results in better well-being, higher performance and improved mobility, especially in the elderly. In general, antioxidants prevent unwanted oxidation in the human organism. This radical catcher also protects against aging processes and all related diseases.

The use of the super antioxidant "astaxanthin" as an ideal dietary supplement

The somewhat mysterious antioxidant is an insider's tip for many health experts and probably more of a fad for many other experts. The active ingredient can provide protection for the eyes, especially it works against the fatigue of it. For screen workers, the active ingredient can be a good solution, because the blood circulation of the head is severely restricted with a tense neck and thus also the blood circulation of the eyes. The red fabric can counteract this problem. In many other areas, using the super antioxidant can be beneficial for health.

Is the active ingredient derived from the blood rainic algae suitable for use for health?

The active ingredient of the blood rainalgae, as the super antioxidant is also called, supports the body to deal with any form of stress and to protect it from damage. The antioxidant increases endurance and energy, increases vitality and performance and improves everyday resilience. It is suitable as an ideal dietary supplement as it can fetch the human body with new energy from the temporary intermediate chief. This way, people who consume the super antioxidant regularly always feel equally fresh throughout the day. Dietary supplements mainly use natural astaxanthin obtained from the blood regenalgae Haematococcus pluvialis.

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