Tulipans KETO

TULIPANS is different

Researched and tested ingredients. High bioavailability and tolerability.
Food tech meets real food. Straightforward, but not easy.

Keto Expertise
All our products are developed by Austria's leading keto expert. Tested with nutritionists and medical professionals.

Highest tolerance
Clean ingredients with high tolerability and bioavailability.

Food With Benefits
Ordinary foods become extraordinary foods. We want our customers to reach for the stars, feel good and achieve top performance.

Healthy food has to be uncomplicated and taste good. Because we live in a stressful time and often have little time to cook, we have set ourselves the goal of making healthy easy again. The desire to help other people to improve their health and well-being is our top priority. Since there is a lack of simple and well-formulated low-carb products, Julia and Leo first developed their KETO GRANOLA and thus set new standards in the "low-carb" sector. Since then, Julia and Leo have been working on other exciting KETO products that impress with their taste, the ingredients used and their effect on the Body.