Platinum Health 10 Days Transformation by David Sandoval

  • Lose 3-9 kilograms in 10 days and optimize your vitality reserves at the same time!

  • Discover the 10-Day-Transformation of David Sandoval. With cereal grasses, algae, sprouts, seeds and deep-pigmented fruits.

  • Experience healthy and rich nutrition at the cellular level and optimal support for fast fat burning! Pure, natural, vegan and free of additives.

  • 10 days holiday of heavily processed food.

  • 10 days of holiday from nutrient-poor foods.

  • 10 days holiday of too much sugar, unhealthy fat, additives.

  • 10 days in which the diet consists of pure and green "superfoods".

  • Food with maximum vitality content with minimum calories.

Lose 3-9 kilograms in just 10 days! The program is fast, simple, and above all safe – the needs of the body for vital substances are fulfilled and the 10 day transformation can even help you replenish vitality depots, achieve an optimal nutrition at the cellular level and Streamline.

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 Here you can find the 10-Day-Transformation guideline