Sanuslife ECAIA Carafe

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ECAIA-Water from the mineral water ionizer. Ennobles every drinking water. For home, office, travel or just on the go.

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Sanuslife ECAIA Water Carafe Set

Ennobles every drinking water. For home, office, travel or just on the go

Mineral Water Ionizer with 2 filters for 120 days or a total of 300 litres of water
  • Filter technology from SANUSLIFE® International (pollutant reduction by a total of 99 percent)
  • Special ceramics ionize the water, make it alkaline, antioxidant, oxygen rich and small structure
  • Minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium) are retained in the water
  • Shows the filter change by means of an electronic filter display
  • Contains an energetic plate on the ground, for harmonized drinking pleasure
  • Operation without power
  • Free of bisphenol A (BPA)
  • H.A.C.C.P. Certified
  • No need to haul bottled water
  • No piles of plastic bottles

The ECAIA Carafe is a mineral water ionizer in the form of a container. Unlike an electric water ionizer, it does not require an electrical current. The pollutants in the water are purified by activated carbon particles. The water is ionized mineralized by special ceramics. A small plaque on the bottom of the Carafe ensures the right energetic quality. The ECAIA water is characterized by its harmony, cleanliness, basic value, ionization and antioxidant properties.

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Refined every water. Recommended for home, office, travel or just on the go: ECAIA® carafe is a mineral flow water ionizer. The carafe has the ability to remove harmful substances from the wetness and to give it additional functions to transform it into a wholesome, tasty and harmonious drinking water. This is ECAIA® water.

A harmonization unit (energizing plate) on the underside of the ECAIA® Carafe ensures that your water becomes delicate, harmonious and full of inner strength!

Package Content
1x Carafe for water optimization
2x Water cartridges (special filter) for total 120 days
1x instruction manual in German/English/Italian

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Please read the enclosed operating instructions carefully before starting the carafe. Remove the blue seal on the bottom of the filter before applying

Do not place the Carafe in the dishwasher or do not clean with chemicals, but use pure water together with citric acid or vinegar if necessary.

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