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KULAU means "young, green coconut" in the language of Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea and was founded in Berlin in 2008. Today it is a growing company dedicated to visionary, natural and delicious organic food with passion. Started everything with the assortment of coconut and still is among the pioneers in the European market. Since 2015 KULAU is not only coconut products, but a growing selection of organic products corresponding to the spirit of the times. Still, KULAU loves coconuts. It will remain always the core business and keep a firm place in the assortment. However, with the same dedication and the goal of sustainability and fair trade State on the growing interest comes in clean eating and wants new products closer to their customers, which could have a high nutritional value and convince team KULAU already. All KULAU produced products in compliance with high environmental and ethical standards. For this, KULAU works with various international experts, more mixed culture projects instead of monocultures to promote.

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