Cosmoterra Vitality Elixir

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Elixir for physical and mental vitality. With ginseng, soya lecithin as well as metabolic activating micro nutrients.

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Cosmoterra Vitality Elixir

Elixir for physical and mental vitality 

Cosmoterra Dietary supplements containing ginseng, soy lecithin, as well as metabolic activating micro nutrients.

More and more people suffer from decreasing physical and mental performance. The impact of our lifestyles and our dietary behaviour increasingly noticeable. Many of these complaints are often widely accepted as wear and tear. However, our body needs sufficient stocks of micro-nutrients, among other things for the metabolism of food to body energy. The vitality elixir contains high-quality lecithin from soybeans (GMO-free) as well as valuable vitamins and the trace mineral selenium. Extracts of ginseng roots increase resistance to stress.

Recommendation for use
Consume 1x daily 1 tablespoon full (=approx. 15ml).

Package contents
50ml / 500ml

Actice ingredients / daily dose (= 15 ml)
Following value determinants are included:

 Nurients  per daily dose (15ml) 
 Vitamin B1 (thiamine)  
     1,1 mg 
 100 %
 Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)  
1,5 mg 
 107 % 
 Vitamin B3 (niacin)
15 mg 
   94 %
 Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)  
5 mg 
   83 %
 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxol)

1,6 mg 

 114 %
 Vitamin B7 (biotin)

100 ug  

 200 %
 Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

100 ug  

   50 %
 Vitamin B12 (cobalamine)

2 ug  

   80 %
 Vitamin E (tocopherol)

20 mg 

 167 %

50 ug 

   91 %
 Ginseng root extract

50 mg 

   equivalent to ginseng root

16,7 mg 

 Soy lecithin

800 mg 

   contains omega-6-fatty acids

224 mg 

   contains phosphatidylcholine

184 mg 

   contains phosphatidylethanolamine

160 mg 

   contains phosphatidylinositol

112 mg 

   contains omega-3-fatty acids

27 mg 

*RDA (recommended daily allowance) = recommended daily intake amount. The values of the active ingredients are based on average analysis.

Mountain spring water, ethanol, sucrose, soya lecithin (5.2%), dye sugar couleur, DL-alpha-acetate (0.4%), ginseng extract (0.3%), bitter orange tincture, preservative sorbate, maltodextrin, niacin (0.1%), walnut aroma, calcium (0.04%), pyridoxol hydrochloride (0.013%), riboflavin (0.01%), hydrochloride (0.009%), sodium selenat (0.001%), folic acid (0.0007%), biotin (0.0007%), cyanocobalamin (0.000013%), barley extract.

Contains 12.4 vol. alcohol. 1 tablespoon (= 15 ml) = 24.39 kcal = 0.14 BE

Contains alcohol and is not suitable for young persons and children. Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet and the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Store dry and not above room temperature and out of the reach of children.

Application form: Tonic/Elixir
Product properties: Lactose-free
Contents: 50,00 ml

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5 from 5 I love this product

I was sent a small sample of this once with an order for another product. Im not keen on taking tablets and so this tonic is perfect. I enjoy taking a spoonful of this every day. I always have one bottle I am using and a spare, When I open the spare bottle I reorder so that I am never without it. When I first bought it I didnt expect it to work, I thought I would buy one bottle and see if it made any difference. I think after a week of taking it, my family commented that I had more energy, was less forgetful, was more active and and happier in general.
Recently I did run out, as a bottle fell and broke, I didnt mind on the day, I just placed an order and waited for it to arrive. For the time I was without it, my body felt heavy, and tired. I felt irritable and quick tempered. My family noticed and asked why I was so tired. I started to take normal vitamin tablets with no effect. The moment the new ordered arrived, I took my spoonful and within hours felt happier, brighter, lighter and was back to normal. I find too, that since taking it, (maybe two years now), that I havent had colds or flu, in fact, no illnesses at all - and thats worth every penny. I can see myself taking this tonic daily for many years to come. Its become a part of my breakfast and daily routine. I really can recommend this, it works for me. Try a bottle and see for yourself. It could make all the difference to you too.

., 24.05.2018
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