A few pounds less?

26.02.2019 10:13

You have tried many diets, but long term it will not work?

Make it right this time, because losing weight is only successful in corresponding consequence. While almost all in the mind takes place. A certain occasion offers a perfect opportunity to do this once again personally. For a better health and thus higher life expectancy.

You should heed the following points necessarily:

  1. Hydration: so that the body can detoxify itself optimally, you should drink sufficient liquid every day. Pure tap water (non-carbonated water) or unsweetened teas are best for this. While you should avoid heavily-sweetened sodas and especially excessive alcohol. What is enough? It depends on body weight. 40 milliliters per kilogram of body: E.g. at 80 kg. 80kg x 0, 04 = 3.2 litre liquid daily!
  2. Movement/Sport: Improve your fitness now! Regular exercise is essential. The best fresh air. Go for a walk, walking, running, cycling etc. make sports. Find a sport that gives you pleasure and is also your physical assets. You should never avoid on muscle training. They burn the calories even when you are at rest - even in your sleep! If you have no desire for a subscription in the gym, then you can perform out muscle also comfortably at home successfully. With or without equipment. Find exercises, E.g. you can find enough on YouTube.
  3. Nutrition: The nutrition plays a central role in weight loss. Particular attention should be paid to a balanced diet and a reduced calorie intake. Give up Fast Food and enrich the diet with more fruit and fresh vegetables. Avoid sweets, refined foods such as white flour. Reduce especially the carbohydrates and increasingly replace it with an protein rich diet. Well proven has become abandoning carbohydrates in the evening. You should not completely avoid carbohydrates, because these provide the body the necessary energy needed for many functions. But be careful: healthy is not always healthy! Healthy food can cause errors such as gastro-intestinal. Every human being can withstand certain food more or less well. It is indistinguishable from the body, if they are healthy.
  4. Setting objectives: a goal you want to achieve. Write it down and always carry it with you. Should your inner pig dog speak, then you can read it. Be strong & consistently until the goal is reached. Have your goal as often as possible in your mind and think which benefits you can achieve. + more zest for life + confidence + sleeker appearance + increased fitness
  5. Dietary supplements: If you need support in losing weight or speed up the weight loss, then you can take additional supplements. For a weight-controlled diet with pure plant protein, we can highly recommend Najara (vegan protein shake). Najara replaces 1-3 daily meals. Lose weight with comfortable speed to you.

Your VITERNA team wishes you good luck in achieving your goals!